A reminder of home and hearth, it is a throwback to the old days when it was ritualistic to share your food on the table with your loved ones. Even though our pace of life has become crazy, secretly in our hearts we still crave for that kind of comfort. Which is why our menu is mostly about curries, stews and casseroles. It is all about the gravy and the sticky little bits at the bottom. To us the greatest compliment is “just like my mom makes”.


Meowjit is a ninja with a bottomless pit for a stomach.  At the eponymously named Hungry Cat Kitchen, he is both mentor and muse. Gifted with a nose for good food and an eye for all things gourmet, anytime is “hungry time” for him. When he is not sleeping he can be found relaxing on his custom made sofa listening to jazz or bossa nova.


Subhasree Basu is a former media professional with many years of experience in leading print and television companies. She is a self taught cook who believes in the mantra “flavors first forever”. She believes that the world is a global village and at the end of the day, everyone craves comfort and a sense of home through what they eat. Hence the focus to provide wholesome food made with love and patience.


Greedy Foods Pvt Ltd was started in 2017 as a delivery and catering kitchen. It owns 3 other brands : Aapru Parsi Kitchen for wholesome Parsi food, Mumbai Curry for interesting takes on the community cuisines of Mumbai & Lil Miss Greedy, a much-feted gourmet catering brand.

More about what the company does in the Caterings & Specials section.