Think of every slow-cooked meal you’ve ever had. We bet you’re thinking of dishes cooked to perfection, not those that are pressed for time. The lost art of slow-cooking is just what we need, to rekindle the joy of a family meal, leaving behind our fast paced lives. Which is why we at Hungry Cat Kitchen are bringing back the time-tested method of preparing food on low heat, with oodles of patience and opulence of taste.



Pork is our muse. It is also our meat of choice for thinking up exciting new dishes. At HCK you will never be far away from your next favorite pork dish.


If savory pies are your thing, you’ve reached the right place! Our beautifully cooked fillings topped with crispy puff pastry make the perfect one dish meal.


Funny as it may sound, we love stirring the pot for hours because we know we will be rewarded with the best flavors in our stews, curries and gravies.

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